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backup freeware program ftp backup software
automatic backup scheduler AUTOMATIC BACKUP
Support for different types of backup storage DIFFERENT TYPES
Intuitive Explorer style user interface INTUITIVE EXPLORER STYLE
Integrated ZIP compression INTEGRATED ZIP
128 bit encryption 128 BIT
synchronize folder SYNCHRONIZE FOLDERS

backup freeware program automatic backup software

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Different types of backup storage

Handy Backup software is designed to work with many type of local and remote backup storage media, including:

  • HDD
    This is the most current type of backup which means saving your data backup copy to the local hard drive. More...
  • CD
    Backup to CD as a data protection approach has likely become very popular solution for last few years. CD discs, as backup media are quite inexpensive nowadays. More...
  • DVD
    This option seems to be much more useful then backup to another media, because you can save large volumes of data at once. More...
  • Floppy disk
    Such disks are successfully used for data backup but their storage space is highly restricted
  • Zip disk
    Zip disks slightly larger than floppy disks. Because zip disks are inexpensive and durable, they are often used for backing up hard disks and for transporting large files.
  • USB device
    It can be very useful for mobile users, who wish to always have the most up-to-date data with them, when going home from work for instance, or vice versa. More...
  • Local network drives
  • FTP
    You can store the backup copy of your data to FTP server almost as easily as you make it inside the local network. Specify an FTP site name and your username/password and Handy Backup will connect to the site and let you choose an FTP directory for your backup. You will be able to do this as if you would work with your local folders. You can even create a new directory and use it as a backup destination. More...
  • Online backup with Handy Backup
    This is a method of offsite data storage which allows files, folders, or the entire content of a hard drive to be regularly backed up on a remote server or computer with a network connection. Online backups are more secure because they are physically separated from the original data. More...

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